PEELING TECHNOLOGY for maximum recovery

Maximize face veneer and full sheet recovery and welcome electric peeling. Peel with and without spindles with the same machine and leave core only one inch thick.


Improve recovery with the new, electric lathe leaving core only one inch thick. No losses in face or strength properties. Seeking even more? Revolutionize veneer production by integrating peeling and green veneer composing!

  • Get up to 20% more face veneer by accurate Smart Scan HD centering with patented autocalibration + VCO machine vision based clipping.
  • Forget broken sheets! Strong veneer can be automatically handled in the process later.
  • Gain continuously high productivity: now even knife change is automatic.
  • Increase full sheet recovery up to 15% by integrating centering, VCO machine vision and green veneer composing.

How recovery can be improved?

Accurate veneer thickness and clipping width to have more veneer sheets

  1. Smaller Core diameter with spindleless peeling
  2. Minimized end ribbon randoms with VCO
  3. Maximum amount of full sheets with accurate XY centering and autocalibration
  4. Compose random pieces to full sheets with Online Green Composing

Lathe you have been waiting for

Developed together with the world´s leading experts the new lathe combines effective raw material usage, modern measuring technologies and automation. It’s easy to set up and use, safe and efficient. In addition, you get:

  • Optimal material flow, continuous quality control and production optimizing by latest HD laser and VCO camera technologies.
  • Remote support, diagnostics and predictive maintenance.
  • Reliability in extreme working conditions with 98% electric components.


Revolutionize veneer production by online green veneer composer. Integrated composer together with Smart Scan HD centering and VCO camera ensures maximum raw material utilization.

  • Increased dryer capacity when only full sheets are fed into the dryer.
  • Eliminate all manual random handling in later processes by seamless integration with peeling.
  • Get up to 15% increase in full sheet recovery.

Maximum Recovery

  • Accurate SmartScan HD centering with autocalibration to maximize face veneer recovery
  • Small core diameter by spindleless peeling, core only one inch
  • Mecano VCO machine vision clipping solutions for maximized face veneer recovery
  • Composing and clipping width optimization
  • Online green composing for maximum full sheet recovery and less randoms

Higher Capacity

  • Peeling speeds up to 300 m/min
  • Highly accurate electrical movements with advanced motion control
  • Servo rotary clipping RCS for trouble free high-speed clipping
  • Automatic knife change
  • Reliable operation and maximum uptime

Uncompromised Quality

  • Maximize veneer price with Raute OPG (Optimal Peeling Geometric) peeling
  • Maintenance-free Raute roller nose bar for tight and strong veneer
  • Accurate thickness control with low deviation
  • Moisture sorting for efficient drying
  • High-resolution color scanning for optimized quality
  • Accurate stacking for further processing

Maximum Uptime

  • Raute machines are made from standard parts ensuring high spare part availability
  • High-quality, proven components
  • Electrical AC servo movements enable modern condition monitoring and follow-up tools
  • Maintenance and support available 24/7
  • Modern digital tools to monitor performance

Online Monitoring

What will you get?

  • Real-time performance status of your mill/line/equipment
  • Enhanced customer support through digital services
  • Access all Raute services through new customer portal

Why do you need this?

  • Plan maintenance actions and mill performance accurately
  • Minimize unplanned downtimes
  • Buy spare parts and train your staff online

Easy to use

  • Tailor-made operator cabins to provide ergonomic environment for lathe operator
  • Joystick controls for charger and lathe. All basic functions with one grip.
  • Graphical easy-to-use touch-screen user interface in operator’s own language.
    • Offset setting, peeling and clipping speeds
    • Peeling program, download and saving
  • Remote recordable video follow-up systems
  • Alarm log and diagnostic screens for maintenance
  • Production data memory, MIS input

Sustainable technology

  • Maximized utilization of valuable raw material
  • 90-98% of movements electric instead of hydraulic (currently 10%)  → Only 20 L of hydraulic oil volume needed → No noise of hydraulic units
  • Installed power 20-50% lower than hydraulic solutions
  • Energy (electricity) consumption 10-30% lower than conventional lathes
  • 8% better raw material utilization than conventional solutions
    • Huge mill-wide savings

For your lifetime profit

Our mission is to support the lifetime profit of your mill. As the only partner on the market producing whole LVL and plywood mills, we have the expertise, machinery and technologies to keep this promise. Your investment is both profitable and safe.

  • Local support and maintenance for all products in their lifetime, globally.
  • Implement Raute products and technologies even if utilized other solutions before.
  • We have helped customers to succeed for 111 years, in all continents.

“Raute was chosen for the total process understanding and good service, including spare parts supply and after sales services. We now have service contract with inspection twice a year and maintenance work for three to four weeks in total. Proper maintenance eliminates break downs beforehand”

– Mr Hsiao, Owner, Prime Fortune, Taiwan