P2 Patcher With thermo-bond taping

The best patching quality in the market. Integrated thermo-bond taping unit for veneer edge splits. Available for both short core and long core veneers. Save up to 80% of labor.

Take your patching to the next level

  • Remove knots and holes and replace them with solid wood.
  • Patched veneer upgraded for:
    • Higher recovery
    • Higher quality
    • Larger variety of end uses

Made for continuous operation

  • Field proven P2 patching head
  • Optimized solutions for different veneer sizes
  • Die lifetime up to several decades
  • Sharpening interval 2 million patches
  • Life span of up to 50 million patches per patch tool

Integrated thermo-bond taping solution on the P2 patcher

  • Fixed loosed compose joints
  • Secure veneer edge splits

Easy to setup. Just plug and play

  • Just 6m x 7m factory space required
  • No foundation needed

Over 4 million patches every day are made by Raute patching solutions

Most of successful mills are using Raute patching technologies e.g.

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