Green Veneer Composing less waste, more recovery

What was trash before, is now valuable raw material. Get even 15% more full sheets.

More full sheet recovery

Increase full sheet recovery by turning low-grade veneer sheets, randoms and rejects into full veneer sheets with new generation green veneer composer. No more chipping valuable material into pulp or fuel.

  • Increased dryer capacity when only full composed sheets are fed into the dryer
  • Up to 15% increase in full sheet recovery
  • Eliminate all manual random handling in later processes by seamless integration with peeling.

Composer you have been waiting for

Developed together with the world´s leading experts the new lathe combines effective raw material usage, modern measuring technologies and automation. It’s easy to set up and use, safe and efficient. In addition, you get:

  • Modern camera-controlled defect clipping to save valuable raw material
  • Servo-controlled line functions for high recovery, capacity and quality
  • Advanced composing with tight joints for best plywood
  • High running ratio with automated functions

Step ahead of competition

  • Strongest tapes on the market are applied on both sides of the veneer joint
    • Composed veneer sheets to drying and forwards to layup
  • Accurate machine vision based defect clipping and taping
    • Finds rotten parts and vane, unlike solutions with thickness detection

For your lifetime profit

Our mission is to support the lifetime profit of your mill. As the only partner on the market producing whole LVL and plywood mills, we have the expertise, machinery and technologies to keep this promise. Your investment is both profitable and safe.

  • Local support and maintenance for all products in their lifetime, globally.
  • Implement Raute products and technologies even if utilized other solutions before.
  • We have helped customers to succeed for 111 years, in all continents.

“Raute was chosen for the total process understanding and good service, including spare parts supply and after sales services. We now have service contract with inspection twice a year and maintenance work for three to four weeks in total. Proper maintenance eliminates break downs beforehand”

– Mr Hsiao, Owner, Prime Fortune, Taiwan