Get great capacity and uniform drying results with huge savings in energy consumption. Enhanced heat transfer technology together with new grading solution bring the drying performance up to the next level.

Increase capacity and quality of veneer

Get great capacity, uniform drying results and high mechanical quality of the veneer with huge savings in energy consumption. All this without investing in floor space. Too good to be true? Secret is optimized air flow and heat transfer technology of this new generation dryer.

  • Get up to 10% more capacity from new jet boxes with higher heat transfer ability and veneer guides saying goodbye to jams
  • Use 15% less electricity per produced veneer cubic meter as re-drying is minimized
  • Up to 3% more dry veneer recovery with optimized hot air circulation
  • Say goodbye to leakages and pitch problems as new sealing cells minimize mixing of cold and hot air

More capacity with patented heat transfer technology

  • Heat transfer is optimized with a patented new generation jet box and nozzle design
    • Uniform drying result
  • Equal air flow between decks by optimized air flow channels
  • More efficient drying result with minimum pressure drop

Uniform Drying Conditions With New Air Control System

  • Controlled drying humidity with make-up air dampers
  • Pitch build-up eliminated by make-up air preheating (optional)

Drying solution you have been waiting for

Developed together with the world´s leading experts and help of latest air flow analyzing technologies (CFD), the new dryer combines effective raw material usage, modern measuring technologies and automation. It’s easy to set up and use, safe and efficient.

In addition, you get:

  • Optimized speed control
  • Environmental-friendly solutions with zero emissions: VOC cleaning and water scrubbers
  • Fast cleaning: automatic screen change & sealant cells

Maximum Productivity

  • More recovery by uniform drying conditions
  • Pitch build-up eliminated by make-up air preheating
  • Automatic screen change
  • Fire prevention technology

Higher Capacity

  • Up to 10% more capacity with new jet box design
  • Heat transfer is optimized with a patented nozzle design
  • Less jams and stops in drying line
  • Optimized mill-level veneer flow control by accurate grading technology

Uncompromised Quality

  • High-quality veneer by even drying conditions
  • Minimized amount of broken and overdryed veneers
  • Desired veneer moisture content for further processes

Maximum Uptime

  • High-quality, proven components
  • Maintenance and support available 24/7
  • Modern digital tools to monitor performance

Online Monitoring


  • Real-time performance status of your mill/line/equipment
  • Enhanced customer support through digital services
  • Access all Raute services through new customer portal


  • Plan maintenance actions and mill performance accurately
  • Minimize unplanned downtimes
  • Buy spare parts and train your staff online

Easy to use

  • Graphical easy-to-use touch-screen user interface in operator’s own language.
  • Alarm log and diagnostic screens for maintenance
  • Production data memory, MIS input
  • Remote recordable video follow-up systems

Ultimate grading accuracy

Leading Mecano and Metriguard technology combined for ultimate veneer grading solution!

Combined visual, moisture and stiffness analysis.

  • Raw material savings
  • Less safety margins needed to meet standards
  • More high quality end products

Safe mill, continuous business

  • Safety solutions are always integrated for maximum safety and efficiency
  • Electrical and mechanical safety equipment always included
  • CE-certified machines & components
  • Usability as the main principle in mill design
  • Safe and easy to use and maintain
  • Safe and easy to clean

For your lifetime profit

Our mission is to support the lifetime profit of your mill. As the only partner on the market producing whole LVL and plywood mills, we have the expertise, machinery and technologies to keep this promise. Your investment is both profitable and safe.

  • Local support and maintenance for all products in their lifetime, globally.
  • Implement Raute products and technologies even if utilized other solutions before.
  • We have helped customers to succeed for 111 years, in all continents.

“Raute was chosen for the total process understanding and good service, including spare parts supply and after sales services. We now have service contract with inspection twice a year and maintenance work for three to four weeks in total. Proper maintenance eliminates break downs beforehand”

– Mr Hsiao, Owner, Prime Fortune, Taiwan