You came into the right place! Check our latest innovations that help you to get the most out of your mill and valuable raw materials.

PEELING TECHNOLOGY for maximum recovery

Maximize face veneer and full sheet recovery and welcome electric peeling. Peel with and without spindles with the same machine and leave core only one inch thick.

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Get great capacity and uniform drying results with huge savings in energy consumption. Enhanced heat transfer technology together with new grading solution bring the drying performance up to the next level.

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Green Veneer Composing less waste, more recovery

What was trash before, is now valuable raw material. Get even 15% more full sheets.

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P2 Patcher With thermo-bond taping

The best patching quality in the market. Integrated thermo-bond taping unit for veneer edge splits. Available for both short core and long core veneers. Save up to 80% of labor.

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It is about the efficient utilization of valuable raw materials in all processes throughout the plywood, LVL or veneer mill in a world where raw material is an ever-diminishing resource. It is about providing quality, meeting requirements and maximizing the end product’s price.

That is why we innovate every day. Your success. And that is what we call the Smart Revolution.

Eager to join? Choose your steps – we are here to help you.

Step 1: A reliable and efficiently operating mill

Continuous, high-capacity operations from shift to shift:

  • Right machines in every process meeting your goals for capacity and quality
  • Optimized material flow and best possible recovery
  • Reliable machinery, easy and safe to use and maintain

As the only partner on the market we offer all machines, technologies, spare parts and services you need to run a plywood, LVL or veneer mill efficiently. With our services, such as mill audits, detailed line condition reporting and operator and maintenance training you can ensure long productive lifetime.

Step 2: Developing the mill along demand

Great flexibility in production to meet the ever-changing demands of the end customer and markets:

  • Add capacity by modernizing, upgrading and optimizing or investing in new lines
  • Handle new raw materials, make new products or meet new quality standards
  • Advanced technologies and proactive services to improve production predictability

The wider the product range and the higher the capacity and automation rate of the mill, the more you benefit from production scalability, predictability and continuous optimizing. Utilize our unique combination of real-time monitoring plus comprehensive services to keep your mill’s profitability high.

Step 3: Combining all processes into one workflow

True partnership and forerunning technologies to improve mill performance:

  • Foresee problems with advanced analytics
  • Optimize material flow and raw material utilization in mill scale
  • Utilize 24/7 online data capturing and reporting through remote access

Fully automated mill with advanced analytics and monitoring tools plus performance-based service agreements takes profitability to the next level. As partners we share common goals and work towards them day to day.